SingerSongwriter | Loop Artist

Chamber Pop Music

"Dani's music has the power and majesty of a full concert orchestra, and is simultaneously as personal and intimate as a conversation with a good friend."-William Spillette (Musician, Director, Documentarian)

“It’s always a breath of fresh air to hear original music that doesn’t involve the same synth sounds as the top 40 charts; music with vocals full of emotion & stories, versus the usual pitch correction & one-liner hooks. It’s even more impressive when you learn that the artist behind the music is a one-woman band, and one with a hell of a story.” -The Crush Blog (#WomenCrush Music)


Dani uses orchestral instrumentation to create lush loops. 

Her scores swim beneath thoughtful lyrics and melodies, creating emotionally honest and passionate songs. 

An injury caused almost complete loss of use in one arm. Rather than giving up her lifelong relationship with music, Dani found herself reborn in the technology of the loop machine. She could create new layers of sound, and what was once a deficiency became a powerful tool for creating. Now, after years of injury recovery, Dani is coming back into a fully function body and instrument ability.


During performance, Dani has multiple set styles: she creates live loops in real time, so the audience can witness the building of each song. She also plays in the singer-songwriter format with solo piano, as well as songs with added looped tracks beneath her live instrumentation.

She performs solo or with a live rhythm section. Her instrumentation includes vocals, piano, flute, saxophone, and drumming. Dani writes all of her music, lyrics, orchestration, and arrangements.




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